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Acpsystem is a young and dynamic company specialized in digital transformation projects on SAP platforms, its mission is to improve the digital experience of our customers every day by offering high quality services always with a view to sustainability of the processes developed.

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08 february 2024


Roma, IT

What will you do:​

The selected resource will join Acpsystem’s team of consultants, participating in SAP projects in their specific area of expertise.

We are seeking skills in the following areas: Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Integration, Data Warehousing, HR, and Procurement. Specifically, you will be responsible for:
  • Performing analysis for the development of business requirements, followed by technical/functional validation in response to the requirements, aligned with our Clients’ application map;
  • Designing and evolving the Data Model related to Client companies;
  • Conducting software testing and validation;
  • Managing development with a focus on sustainability and inclusion.

Who are you:

  • You have at least five years of experience participating in SAP projects in your area of expertise;
  • You are proficient in both written and spoken English;
  • You are a proactive individual, inclined towards teamwork, inclusivity, and have an approach to sustainability;
  • You possess excellent problem-solving skills and have an aptitude for working in dynamic environments.

With us you can:

Working inclusively as a team to ensure that all involved individuals have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully and feel valued. Living and participating in an innovative environment, continually growing, and contributing to improving the quality and sustainability of the world we live in with an open and inclusive approach to team working. You will be part of a Group that commits every day to improving the well-being of its people, with a particular focus on activating projects aimed at promoting health, physical and mental well-being, work-life balance measures, and incentives. A Group oriented towards enhancing skills, which monitors areas of strength and improvement and adopts structured Training and Development approaches aimed at fostering individual growth for merit recognition and appreciation.

Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Our teams work inclusively to ensure that all involved individuals have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully and feel valued. For our group, operating in respect of the environment, putting people at the center, and generating shared prosperity are fundamental priorities upon which we base all our actions. This is why we aim for every collaborator to feel aligned with our values, mission, and vision.


Legal Headquarter: Via Eleonora Duse, 5H 
00197, Roma


+39 06 69486211

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